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The NARFE Region IX Vice President (2016-2018) - Rich Wilson; 425-736-6899;
Responsible for NARFE activities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

2016 NARFE Region IX Scholarship Winners

Region IX Vice-President Duties and Responsibilities


The National Bylaws and/or Standing Rules delineate the general duties and responsibilities of RVPs, but each works in the environment in which he or she is most comfortable. Some RVPs travel more than others, some publish newsletters, some have regional meetings or seminars. RVP’s are free to function in the manner that is most effective to support and accomplish NARFE’s goals and objectives as long as it remains within the RVP’s budget.

RVP’s are responsible for and to the region to which they were elected. As the regional Representative on the NEB, the RVP should express the predominant positions of the majority of federation presidents and executive boards, chapters and members insofar as can be determined. If any member has a strong position and presents it to the RVP in writing, it should be considered for presentation it to the NEB for consideration, whether or not the RVP agrees with it, and even though the RVP would vote against it. (Note: Individual regional items that are localized and that would not be of interest or affect other regions should be discussed directly with Headquarters and not put on the agenda.)

While each RVP is obligated to support the positions of their region, the overriding responsibility of all NEB members is to consider and support the needs of all NARFE members and the success of the Association.

The RVP is the main spokesperson and liaison between the national office and field activities.  RVP’s must be informed on the policies, procedures, goals and agenda of the Association. The RVP will receive requests for help with problems on annuities, insurance, new laws passed (interpretation), etc. Clear and effective communication is essential. Personal contact is also helpful. Cases beyond the RVP’s capability should be referred to the proper office at HQ. RVP’s will be requested to attend various chapter and federation functions and their attendance must be evaluated and constrained within the RVP’s budget.

Normally, chapter visits are left to the Federation President. Note: If a Chapter has a special event (anniversary, political event, special activity, etc.) that the RVP determine requires their presence, and if the budget permits, then the RVP may attend that function. To the extent possible, attendance at federation conventions is mandatory. RVP’s must receive, in advance, written approval from the National President for travel outside of their region in order to receive expense reimbursement. It is also expected that the RVP will obtain approval from the RVP in that region.